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Does stretching actually help piriformis syndrome?

I've been seeing several clients right now with complaints of piriformis syndrome. Most of them tried doing figure 4 stretching, pigeon stretching, etc. found online that supposedly relieves symptoms. But yet, they still didn't get the long term results they were hoping for, and came to me for help. So let's do a little digging… Continue reading Does stretching actually help piriformis syndrome?

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Finding your true balance

Okay, this post is a little specific to dancers, gymnasts, and baton twirlers, but it is also very relevant in activities such as surfing, rock climbing, and yoga. We're going to talk about balance, why it's easy for some and very difficult for others. As a baton twirler, I struggled in the Super-X event with… Continue reading Finding your true balance

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Managing Sciatica

Sciatica is a common problem I see with my patients, and presents itself in many different ways. There is the slight twinge in the butt when getting out of a car, bending over, or sitting too long. There is the numbness down the leg after standing 20-30 minutes. There is sharp pain when rolling over… Continue reading Managing Sciatica

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The hip shift: Why is this important?

Hands down one of the largest deficits I see with my physical therapy clients is their inability to hip shift. Every step you take, your pelvis has to rotate over the femur. Restrictions with this movement often lead to compensations which cause back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and even foot pain. How do you… Continue reading The hip shift: Why is this important?

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Stop stretching your hamstrings!

Do you feel like you constantly need to stretch your hamstrings. Do they always feel super tight? Then this is the article for you! More likely than not, your hamstrings aren't actually tight. They just feel tight. And that is due to your pelvis position. Let's look at this picture below. The pelvis is "tilted"… Continue reading Stop stretching your hamstrings!