What to Expect At Your First Visit

Want to know what you just got yourself into? Here are some expectations to help you breeze through your first visit.

First of all, RELAX! I promise, it is not bad at all. The first part of my evaluation is getting to know you. I want to know your history, activities you like to do, your pain and problems you are having. I may even ask you weird stuff about your breathing, sleeping habits, even dental history!

Then comes the assessment. As I mentioned before, I like to assess your whole body. I’m going to look at your pelvis, your ribcage, your shoulders, hips and neck. I will look at your strength, range of motion, and balance. I usually perform between 15-25 mini tests on you. It will take about 15-20 minutes and I will talk you through the whole thing. It shouldn’t hurt!

Finally, I’ll discuss my results with you. I think it’s so important to let you know my findings and why it’s important! Usually I find some things in other areas beside your area of pain. We will do 1-2 exercises and/or manual treatments as a tester to see how you do with them. I will give you some homework of those 1-2 exercises.

Every visit will be 100% one-on-one with me and I will reassess a few things at every visit.  It won’t be the whole assessment, but tests that I think are important to you. That’s how we will track your progress. I will set a plan for you and work to progress you every visit as long as your pain continues to decrease.

I hope this gives you some reassurance on what to expect with your visits with me. I look forward to working with you!