How am I different?

When I started practicing PT several years ago, I was frustrated when I had a few patients that just didn’t respond to “traditional PT” that I had learned in school. I was also frustrated with patients that were only helped “for a little while” with PT and ended up having to come back or seek further treatment because results were not long term. I felt I was missing something in my treatment and there had to be another way. And then…I found the Postural Restoration Institute.

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) was started by a PT genius, Ron Hruska. He has been researching and studying these principles for over 20 years, and now has a full team working to solve even the most challenging movement problems. As soon as I took my first PRI class, I immediately knew that this was what my patients needed. This was the type of therapist I was meant to be, and I just can’t get enough of the research, classes and treatments!

Very few practitioners are taught how to recognize, appreciate, and treat based on these research based principles. I am one of the few learners in the quickly growing PRI world and I have a deep understanding of your movement patterns and how your asymmetries impact your joints. By tapping into to these natural neuromuscular movement patterns, we can alter your muscle imbalances, offload your painful joint(s) and establish a new, non-painful pattern that you can continue to train, play, and live in. And this can happen in as quick as 1-2 visits. 

I will perform a full body postural assessment on you, very untypical from others that only assess 1-2 joints during an evaluation. Information from your shoulders, neck, rib cage, pelvis and hips give me lots of information on how you move, and more importantly, how you don’t move. I use this information to perform corrective movement positions to help you redevelop proper movement patterns.

You will be amazed how different you will feel when your joints actually move the way they are supposed to! When all of your joints move to their full extent, your muscles will also move to their full extent, reducing your risk for injury, and improving your speed, strength, agility, and performance.