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Physical therapy like you’ve never seen! If you have had PT before and did not get the results you wanted, you are not a failure! There are many specialties within physical therapy, so the traditional model may not have addressed the root cause of your issue.

I consider myself a “full body” PT. I look at your entire posture system, so if you come in with knee pain, I’m going to check your shoulders and neck along with your lower body. Because you didn’t just come in with a knee; your knee is part of an intricate system of joints, muscles and nerves that are all linked.  Your knee pain is NOT the problem! Your joint is the victim of an underlying faulty posture pattern that causes it to have increased forces placed on it.

I started my own business because my style didn’t seem to fit with the traditional PT model. I need time to assess, educate and implement my treatments. I strive to figure out those faulty patterns, teach you how to re-position, and then help you maintain it. I don’t look for the short term fixes, I strive to find long term solutions that will keep you from having problems later in life. And that requires TIME. I have to have one-on-one time with you, so I can fully concentrate and understand exactly what you need.

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