Industrial Services

Early Intervention

For mild sprains and strains, without early reporting, can lead to major problems and cost employers thousands in worker compensation claims, productivity, and insurance premiums. If reported early, we can treat the worker under the OSHA guidelines for first aid. As physical therapists, we perform treatments completely unique from a physician. We use massage, kinesiotaping, ergonomics assessments, and education/ergonomics to treat mild sprains and strains ONSITE, reducing costs of time off travel to the doctor, diagnostic evaluations, and costs of prescriptions, steroid shots, and productivity.

Injury Prevention Workshops

Injury Prevention workshops are key for recognizing a potential injury, learning to be aware of potential activities that lead to injury, and also reporting injury early. Education is KEY to developing self awareness. We provide education on a variety of topics such as lifting, heat/cold stress, posture, repetitive activities, stretching, and more.


Are your employees performing their jobs correctly?  Do they stretch throughout the day to reduce repetitive injuries such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and back strains? Are they utilizing proper body mechanics such proper posture, proper abdominal bracing, proper neck position? We spend up to 4 hours at your job, assessing, observing, and documenting potential injury and hazards that could be problematic. We can target specific individuals, tasks, or equipment that may not be utilized in the best position and offer low cost effective solutions. 

Work Stretching Program

Having a consistent stretching program can significantly reduce repetitive injuries. It is very cost effective, and usually only takes a few seconds a day. Small change = big impact. We develop programs specific to the job tasks and work with supervisors to implement the program. Consistency is key!

Post Employment Screenings

Don’t you hate it when you spend the time and money to hire someone, only to find out that they didn’t have the skills you thought they had? We help make sure your new hires are physically apt to perform all the job duties required. This screening saves companies in the long run by weeding out workers that can’t perform the duties before they even start.