Joint Effort is not your typical physical therapy

I get it. You’ve been managing your pain with stretching, ice, Aleve, massage, and other means of self care. And that is totally cool. But I want to tell you how a musculoskeletal specialist like myself can help you get more permanent pain relief!

Your pain, while uncomfortable, is typically not the main problem. Your pain is an area of breakdown, impingement, or weakness created by a restriction in another area. You need to change your movement patterns. And it’s my job to teach you how to reposition yourself. You need to learn how to activate the right muscles, so you can move correctly through those movements that were bothering you. Regardless of whether you are having shoulder pain, hip pain, foot pain, back pain, knee pain, or multiple areas of pain, we need to look at your underlying biomechanics.

Joint Effort is a different type of physical therapy. I integrate multiple systems including your musculoskeletal system, neurological system, respiratory system, and your vestibular system and make sure these systems are coordinating together properly. When these systems come together, big things happen.

Meet Robbyn. Robbyn has been having pretty significant back pain on and off for years, but recently it has been preventing her from horseback riding, her love. She’s been training for quite a while with one of our amazing personal trainers, but even then, was still having some issues. I did a full body assessment and found she had an ill-positioned ribcage and pelvis. After just two treatments, her back pain reduced by over 75% and her spinal mobility improved significantly. Take a look at her before and after toe touch test!

And then there’s Marc. Marc had a multitude of issues, some old injuries from football and baseball, and some new. He had right shoulder pain, back pain, and both knees hurt. He had a massively ill-positioned ribcage. After 3 visits, his pain was over 50% better, his mile run time had reduced by a minute, and his shoulder mobility improved by almost 90%. By 6 weeks, his run time decreased by another 30 seconds, his knee pain was gone completely, and he was back to playing intermural baseball much more efficiently. He hopes to start pitching in the fall.

I could go on and on with my clients. It brings me such joy to see them so happy getting back to their activities. I’m so happy when I can help someone so much that it changes their life. If you are having joint pain, no matter how large or small, let me see how I can help you. I think you will be pretty amazed to learn more about how awesome your body is and how you are able to correct your own positions. If you think I am a good fit for your needs, please reach out to me at or you can contact me here .