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Do you really have a true leg length difference?

I get clients quite often tell me that their doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc has told them they have a leg length discrepancy. Some of them have even gone as far and getting a heel lift for their shoe. Most of the time, their leg length problem isn't really a true anatomical problem, but more… Continue reading Do you really have a true leg length difference?

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Finding your true balance

Okay, this post is a little specific to dancers, gymnasts, and baton twirlers, but it is also very relevant in activities such as surfing, rock climbing, and yoga. We're going to talk about balance, why it's easy for some and very difficult for others. As a baton twirler, I struggled in the Super-X event with… Continue reading Finding your true balance

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Can your IT Band actually be tight?

I'm guessing if you found yourself here, you are having some sort of IT Band problems. You might be having pain on the side of your thigh up towards the hip, down towards the knee, or just along the whole dang side. You've come to the conclusion it's your IT Band, but are not sure… Continue reading Can your IT Band actually be tight?

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Controlling Rucking Posture

My husband has become a big rucker over the last year, participating in many GORUCK and F3 events in Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL. At first, I thought he was nuts, as you probably get from many people when you try and explain the method at which you like to get after it. But, overall,… Continue reading Controlling Rucking Posture