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Why does my shoulder hurt?

So you wake up one day and start having shoulder pain.  Thought maybe you slept on it wrong?  But it’s now been 3 weeks and the pain hasn’t gone away.  You didn’t lift anything heavy, didn’t overdo it, and you just have no idea what has made it start hurting?  Sound like you?

There is a possibility you could be developing impingement.  Impingement is where one of your rotator cuff muscles gets trapped between your shoulder blade and your humerus and gets irritated.  There isn’t alot of space for that muscle (your supraspinatus for all you smarty pants out there) to move through.  Poor posture such as rounded shoulders, prolonged sitting, and certain repetitive activities will slowly alter that space and make it smaller and smaller. Eventually a small, most of the time unnoticeable activity will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and start causing pain. Once the irritation starts, it may take a little more than just rest to fix it.

I treat impingement by correcting the underlying posture issue. Remember, and you will hear me say this OVER and OVER again, the area of the pain is regularly NOT the problem. It’s usually the victim of the actually problem, your posture.  To improve your posture, I work to strengthen muscles such as your diaphragm, shoulder blade muscles, and abdominals. Posture starts at our center, and our abdominal muscles help set the stage for good positioning.

~ Courtney



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