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Is your house level?

white and red wooden house with fence

I’m sure you have a lovely place that you reside in. A nice kitchen, painted walls, family pictures up in the living room. And I’m sure you take care of the things you need to in order keep your house functioning well. Are you doing the same for your real house? And by real house, I mean your BODY!

Just like your house has a foundation, ceiling, and roof, your body has the same levels. They are called your pelvis, your diaphragm, and your neck.  And just like your house, those three layers have to stay level and stacked properly in order for your house to stay upright.

Through poor posture and activities such as prolonged standing and sitting, your pelvis, diaphragm, and neck can become “unstacked.” This can cause a multitude of problems that can start mildly and progress to major problems. Your spinal posture affects not just your joints in your back, hips, knees, and shoulders, but can also affect other functions such as your digestive tract, breathing patterns, and bladder issues.

If you have a faulty posture, don’t fear! It can be corrected through strengthening and repositioning. The goal is to get to the “root cause” of your pain. Breathing exercises, core strengthening and posture re-education can address underlying “alignment” issues and help you move with more freedom and less pain. And that, will make ‘your house’ much more livable.

~  Courtney



Sound like you? Think you need some assistance with getting ‘your house’ level again? Feel free to reach out to me! 





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