Pain Relief

To ice or heat? That is the question!



Ah!  The highly discussed topic in my clinic.  Ice or heat?!  Well, the short answer is, it depends.  Here are some of my go to’s that seem to work best with my patients!

  • Your spine tends to prefer heat.  Ice tends to cause the muscles to stiffen too much around the lower back and cause more stiffness when you go to get up.  Heat will loosen up muscles and help them relax, which will help with your mobility.
  • Joint stiffness?  Go with heat.  Heat will help lubricate the joints and get you moving!
  • Did you overdo it again?  Too much activity will create inflammation in the joint; especially if it’s swollen, go with ice.
  • If you are having difficulty sleeping because of knee, hip, or shoulder pain, go with ice.  Ice will help numb the nerve and calm it down, allowing you to get to sleep.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!  Do what your body likes!  The goal is pain relief, right?!  So don’t worry if my advice doesn’t work for you.  Everyone is different and their body responds to different things.  This is what I most see helps my patients.

Let me know what helps you?!  Comment below and let’s discuss!



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